Portable Boring Machine For Crane Machining

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TDG Series portable boring machine is designed for processing and repairing of pipe inner hole,engineering machine, large scaled ship fixed hole, ship axis hole, etc. Providing services for many fields,such as mining, marine,engineering, shipping, petrol, electric power and others.

The portable boring Machine TDG60 mainly consists of boring bar,Straight support, single arm support, axial feed unit, cross   support, center support, tool kit, facing head assembly, etc

Impact structure, easy to operate, install and dismantle. High-strength alloy steel boring bar and accurate.

transmission structure can guarantee the accuracy and efficiency of machining.

Many kinds of machining job can be done by choosing suitable parts, such asboring, end surface

machining, drilling, expanding hole, blind hole boring, etc. The boring cutter can be adjusted based on the holes' diameters for its impact structure.

Note: The machine can be customized to meet our customers' different requirements.

Please feedback your needs to us, we will do our best to help you solve:

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