Portable Boring Machine For Mechanical Engineering Repair

Product Details

Do you need help ? Can not you solve the problem ? Let us help you with the solution.

We are from China, the world's largest manufacturing country we offer professional solutions for you.With our JOYSUNG brand on site portable boring machine you can bore the needed hole and repaire it in any place.

With our TDG portable machine you can bore the needed hole and repair it in any place.

TDG60 Line Boring is mainly used in processing inner hole, concentric holes with space and ending pipe. Because it with very lightweight and modular design, so it can be adapted to variety of the narrow space, high-altitude complex processing need.

Our products bore holes in many kinds of machine parts and places such as bearings , hives , manufacture machine , boom bearing , crones sleeve , injectin molding of aluminum bushing and more different holes.

We serve in many countries in the industry and machinery sector and we're serving with many on site machining specially designed.

Need more information ; please visit our page : www.joysungportable.com

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