Portable Boring Machine For Mining Machining

Product Details

TDG60 Portable line boring machine (1)

TDG60 Line Boring Machine  Valve Repair Machine

JOYSUNG Valve repair machines are used for performing tasks such as valve seat repair, machining, and precision finishing of sealing faces as well as valve grinding and lapping operations. The portable valve repair machine covers all types of valve including gate, parallel slide, check, globe, and safety valves.


Boring Diameter

65-600 mm (1.18-7.87 inches)

Boring stroke


Facing Diameter

Roating speed (varible speed)


Power Unit

Hydraulic motor, servo motor, German EE motor (optional)


Portable, Quick and Easy Setup/operate

With specially designed mounting brackets, light weight and variety of mounting methods, Our portable valve repair machine can be easily connected to the holes of the valve. You can quickly set-up, and adjust grind pressure during operation.


support any industry employing valve equipment, including applications such as mining, refineries, shipyards, sugar plants, breweries, and boiler houses, etc.

Customer design is Available

If you need customized design or get confusion about how to choose the suitable portable valve repair machine, give us a call or email. We are always there to help you!



Mobile:+86 13823685815


Company Website: www.joysungportable.com

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