Portable Boring Machine For Repairing Pipe Hole

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The TDG60 portable boring machine uses advanced manufacturing technology, which greatly improves the working efficiency. The alloy structural steel used in the boring bar. This machining method adds a lot to the role of the entire boring machine. The strength of the boring bar A lot has been added, the boring bar will not rust, and it is particularly flexible and convenient to use. It also looks particularly beautiful. The motor at the heart of the boring machine is the power source of the boring machine, so as long as the efficiency of the motor is high, the efficiency of the entire boring machine will not be low. For the motor housing made of aluminum material, it is very good for the boring machine to win with light weight and to speed up the heat dissipation of the motor.


Technical specifications

Bar Diameter



Boring Dia



Boring Stroke

300 mm,600mm or 900mm

Feed Rate


Drive Power Unit

Electric ,Hydraulic ,Servo

Facing Head



The TDG60 portable boring tool for on-site machining can be said to be more advanced because it uses a variety of different modular designs, and it is also a perfect expression of its portability, which can quickly install it on site. And disassembly. It can also realize remote control, which is a very advanced invention. It is quite flexible to use. The portable boring machine is very lightweight and easy to carry everywhere, and it can work in a very narrow place.

If you want to know which is better for on-site machining boring machine and portable boring machine, you must also discuss the structure and function of the portable boring machine. You can contact us for other portable tools and tools for on-site machining:

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