Portable Boring Tool For Crane Repair

Portable Boring Tool For Crane Repair
Product Details

Product Description:

The TDG60 portable boring machine is mainly used for on-site machining of pipeline inner holes, concentric partition holes, through holes of large equipment and the machining and repair of hole end faces. , Pipeline flanges, hinge holes of various large-scale frameworks, etc.

Equipment Performance

1. Adopt German imported EE motor, light weight, large torque, stepless speed regulation with multiple gears.

2. The main engine adopts aviation aluminum alloy, with light weight and high strength.

3. The control circuit is simple, easy to understand and easy to operate.

4. Cross spherical surface support, adjustable center, to ensure the coaxiality of the boring bar, the host and the two supports, to avoid vibration during processing; the support has a fine-tuning function, which can be fine-tuned in four directions.

5. The cross support adopts universal adjustable support legs, which can be adjusted freely according to the installation position.

6. A host can be equipped with boring bars of various diameters.

7. The speed reducer adopts gear reduction to avoid the wear caused by worm gear speed reduction.

8. The reducer has torque overload protection, and the motor has torque overload protection and overheat protection.

TDG60 Portable Boring Machine For Repairing Mining Machine Technical specifications

Boring Bar Length

2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 3500 (customizable)

Boring Bar Diameter


Boring Diameter


Feed Stroke

400 / 600 / 900 (optional)

Feed Rate

0- 0.5mm/ turn

Feed Mode

Auto feed / manual feed

Boring Speed


Drive Motor

Hydraulic motor, servo motor, German EE motor (optional)




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