Portable Line Boring Bar Tool

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Product Description:

Tdg60 boring machine adopts modular design, which can be quickly installed and disassembled on site.

Various installation methods, including horizontal boring, vertical boring and inclined boring.

Constant torque power, large cutting amount, single side cutting amount up to 5mm, power system has servo motor, hydraulic motor.

Design completely from the site Starting from the maintenance, the operation of the whole machine can be completed by one person, greatly improving the efficiency. The weight of the main machine is 120kg, convenient and light, which is your right-hand assistant on site.Since the promotion of the product market,  more and more by the majority of users praise, for customers to create a considerable profit.

Application scope:

All kinds of construction machinery on the shaft pin hole, rotary hole, arm connection hole, eyelet hole machiningand welding repair. The concentricity of multiple holes can be ensured by machiningand repairing the concentric holes and multiple rows of holes on the construction machinery such as press, loader and crane, and positioning and installation at one time.

TDG60 construction machinery boring machine is the same kind of products at home and abroad with excellent performance and high cost performance. We hope our customers come to discuss.



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