TDG60-line Boring Equipment

TDG60-line Boring Equipment
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TDG60 Line Boring Machine


TDG60 Line Boring is mainly used in processing inner hole, concentric holes with space and ending pipe. Because it withvery  light weight and modular design, so it can be adapted to variety of the narrow space、 high-altitude complex processing need. The machine with powerful machining capacity which widely service for many fields, such as mining, marine engineering,shipping, petrol, electric power, etc.

Boring bar is made of high-intensity alloy steel 42CrMo, and rotational structure’s design is very precise that can be ensure the Accuracy and efficiency of machining.Max boring range can be up 600mm, feed rate can freely adjust in 0-0.5mm.Power unit includes electrical and hydraulic power, which make much more convenience.

Many kinds of machining can be achieved with appropriate parts, such as boring,flange facing, drilling, expanding hole, blind hole boring,etc.


Technical Details:

Boring bar diameter                  60mm/30mm

Boring diameter                        65-600mm(add 30mm bar can work boring diameter  35-600mm )

Boring bar rpm                          0-120

Feed rate                                   0-0.5mm/rev

Facing head                              70-300mm,260-650mm

Power option                             Electric motor, Hydraulic motor

On Site Test Data

Boring   Diameter                       Depth of Cut                      Feed Rate                         RPM

Ø300                                          5mm                                   0.25                                   45

Ø500                                          1.2mm                                0.2                                     80

Material: Q345, drive power unit: 25HP Hydraulic pack

Portable line boring machiningTDG60 on site application :