Portable Line Boring machine

Portable Line Boring machine
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TDG50 Portable Line Boring Tools  in Site Machining Video

Shenzhen Zhuoyang Machinery Co., Ltd.(registered trademark: JOYSUNG) was established in October 2005. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, technology promotion and engineering service of portable processing equipment.

tdg50 Portable Linear Boring Machine

Cooperative customers cover petrochemical, shipping, mining, metallurgy, marine engineering, nuclear power, power, bridges and other industries, from small excavator repair to national nuclear power.


TDG50 portable line borer machine is the latest generation of JOYSUNG patented product (Patent No. 12015205187705). It gathers JOYSUNG's experience in field engineering for the last ten years. It is the product of perfect combination of top industrial design and site hole capacity, and can achieve accurate, safe and efficient on-site hole machining .

TDG50 Tube hole line boring borer Concentric hole machining or repair

Powerful processing ability can easily face the processing and repair of pin hole, joint hole, wheel-to-wheel connection hole, pump, valve, pipeline inner hole of Engineering machine, add different accessories, and complete the end processing, inner and outer circle surfacing and other operations.

Patented Driver Head System - innovatively integrates two sets of rotating and feeding systems, using internationally renowned brand motors as drive, powerful and stable load output. Its weight is only 9.5 kilograms, which reflects the portability of on-site boring to the greatest extent. There is no speed regulation in the range of 00.5 mm for boring feed. A gentle tap can realize the interchange of positive and negative rotation, and its practicability is very strong.

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High Strength Position Rod - 40Cr/42CrMo material, after overall conditioning, decanting, surface chromium and other heat treatment processes, high strength, for cutting and precision assurance provides a strong guarantee.

Superior Expansibility - Increase the relevant accessories to achieve 35-350mm pipe holes

—— Increase end-face processing equipment, easy to achieve pipeline and flange surface processing。

—— It can realize perfect docking with inner hole automatic repairing welding machine and realize integration.

All accessories and components are designed and manufactured with the aim of elaborate use and maximum safety. Each attachment has its unique advantages and contributes to improving the smooth and accurate operation of the whole system.

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