Portable Boring Bar Tools

Portable Boring Bar Tools
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TDG50IMP Line Boring has compact structure and high efficient field processing capacity and is highly recommended.

Boring bar

High quality alloy structural steel to ensure cutting accuracy due to its high strength and rigidity. Bar length has 3 options:1828mm,

2438mm,3500mm . Customized length can be available

Drive Power Unit

Electric motor, made in Germany, single phase,1250W & 1800W available. It is able of cutting a maximum depth of 6mm .

Superior scalability

  • Optional one smaller boring bar to achieve boring Ø35-400mm.

  • Two sizes of facing head to achieve facing processing range Ø80-450mm.

  • Optional auto bore welder used with portable line boring.

All parts have their own unique advantages and provide guarantee for steady and accurate operation for the whole system.

Portable Line Boring Machine Tools-joysung

Axial Feed Unit 

  • Mechanical feed, feed rate:0-0.5mm/rev.

  • Can be mounts anywhere on the bar

  • Weight: 5KG.

Lead Screw

  • 300mm Feed stock

  • 600mm Feed stock

  • Limited Lock

Rotation Unit

  • Gear Reduction Ratio: 5:1

  • Weight: 7Kg

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