On Site Portable Line Boring Tools

On Site Portable Line Boring Tools
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TDG50IMP Portable Line Borer Machine On-site Machining  Video


JOYSUNG TDG50IMP portable line boring machine Product Description

Rotational Drive Motor:Rotational Drive Box:
Eibenstock brand electric motor 220V /50Hz/1800W5:1 worm gear 

Heavy Construction - New motors power up CLIMAX line boring (2)

line boring tools

Heavy Construction - New motors power up CLIMAX line boring (2)The online boring is mainly for the processing of the inner hole and the concentric spacing hole of the large steel structure base. It is difficult to move. Zhuoyang Machinery is a professional manufacturer of portable processing equipment, which can meet the needs of the pupil with a diameter of 35-1500mm.

The TDG50IMP portable boring machine is mainly used for the processing of the inner hole of the pipe. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, such as port machinery concentric hole machining, valve body, turbo unit and rudder blade hole.

Feature Description:

The whole machine components are modular in design and can be quickly installed and disassembled on site.

A variety of installation methods, horizontal boring, vertical boring, tilting boring.

Constant torque power, large cutting capacity, single-edge cutting capacity up to 3mm, power system with servo motor, hydraulic motor, Germany EE motor is available.

The feed rate is steplessly adjustable to meet different machining accuracy needs.

Optional end face processing device for machining the sealing surface of the end face flange, V-groove, etc.

Various forms of support fixtures meet the needs of different working environments, including: single arm support, cross support, one-word support, and central support.

Equipped with remote circuit control system, easy to operate and high safety factor.

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