Portable Boring Bar Tool For Concentric Machining

Portable Boring Bar Tool For Concentric Machining
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Portable Line Boring Machining Repair Concentric Hole  Video


Machinery is a kind of equipment in use, before choosing a kind of machinery to consider the scope of processing, such as the maintenance machinery industry about the specific range of parameters, suitable for your local environment and processing site supporting facilities.

Because of the bad rigidity and deformation of the bar system, the bad condition of heat dissipation and chip discharge, the large thermal deformation of workpiece and tool, the machining quality and production efficiency of the boring hole are not as high as that of the turning circle.

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Line Boring Tools

Line Boring Tools

Facing Head

Boring Head 

Mechanical feed, feed rate per revolution:0.16/0.28mm/rev 

Inner sheathed copper plating, effectively protecting the boring bar. 

Mounts anywhere on the bar 

Increase the cushion blocks, to meet the different needs of boring.

A portable boring machine is a process. For heavy machinery, where heavy lead leads to high workshop costs, the process can be used for on-site maintenance. Restoring the bore and pin diameters and nearly all bore / outside diameters to factory specifications also provides a good way for new manufacturers of semi-finished products to process bore of any size at any angle and with any precision tolerances. This is a diversified method of precision boring. It is fast, accurate, and very accurate when used in conjunction with precision honing. On-site maintenance features can save expensive downtime and shipping costs. These advantages make precision portable boring machines very cost-effective.


Type of portable boring machine

1.Through a variety of forms of support, the fixed device to meet the needs of different working environment, support: single-arm support, word support, t-support, cross support, central support, landing support, self-aligning support, etc.
2.The bearing support adopts the special vibration-proof technology, which has high precision and high rigidity.
3.The face of the end of the car, the frame can move forward and backward automatically, the feed quantity can be adjusted, and can be divided, easy to install and disassemble;




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