Portable Heavy Line Borer Repair on Field Tools

Portable Heavy Line Borer Repair on Field Tools
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Product Details

Portable Heavy  Line Borer  Repair on Field Tools Video

Product Details

Boring diameter: 220-1000mm(8.66-39.3”)

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Rotation Drive Unit

Axial Feed Unit

Aluminum structure, has a good cooling effect

Automatic feed travel depends on boring bar length

Mounts anywhere on the bar

Can be installed at any end of the boring bar

3:1 gear reduction ratio(standard)

Mechanical feed, feed rate per revolution:0.16/0.28mm/rev

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Line Boring Tools

Line Boring Tools

Facing Head

Boring Head


Mechanical feed, feed rate per revolution:0.16/0.28mm/rev


Inner sheathed copper plating, effectively protecting the boring bar.


Mounts anywhere on the bar


Increase the cushion blocks, to meet the different needs of boring.

4-arm Support / Center Support

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Line Boring Service

      Boring Bar

 Hydraulic Power Unit

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line boring equipment

Please choose the length of boring bar:






Hydraulic power unit, 10HP(7.5KW), 38L/min



Hydraulic power unit, 15HP(11KW), 38L/min



Hydraulic power unit, 20HP(15KW), 38L/min



Hydraulic power unit, 25HP(18.5KW), 60L/min


Thanks for your attention and we are honored to introduce you when selecting boring machine, and we look forward to a great cooperation with you!

  1. Select Rotational unit and Feed unit.

  2. Select a boring bar

  3. Select a boring head

  4. Select a Mounting option

  5. Select a Power unit

  6. Select a Facing Diameter

  • Select type of support, 4 arm support is recommended for big hole boring.

  • Usually fixed at both ends, and One set contains two support, please make clear the number of supports you need.

  • Facing head device can be selected based on your needs, please clarify he dimension of flange facing.

  • If you need the Taper boring unit, pls tell me.


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