Mobile Gantry Mills On Site Repair Machine

Mobile Gantry Mills On Site Repair Machine
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LMD1010 China Gantry Milling Hydraulic Portable



JOYSUNG is a professional commitment to machine tools, boring machines, flange processing machinery development, production and sales of manufacturing enterprises. The company has accumulated many years of research, development and application experience in the field of machinery, and combined with market demand, developed a series of high-performance products.

The company has the industry senior professional and technical personnel and professional management personnel constitute an excellent team. The product adopts the international advanced technology and spare parts, in line with the quality first, the unceasing innovation professional spirit, on the basis of absorbing the colleague precious experience, successfully develops and produces the product which the structure is more perfect, the function is more complete, by the majority of customers praise.

 Our company's core competitive power is the cheap equipment, the high-grade disposition, the fine manufacture craft. High quality and low price is our goal. Credit First, customer first is our service Tenet.


LMD1010 Gantry Milling

X Axis(Bed) Stroke1000mm

Y Axis(Arm) Stroke – Standard:1000mm

Spindle Head Taper:NT40 or NT50

Maximum Cutter Diameter:160mm(NT40) or 250mm(NT50)

Z Axis Stroke:250mm

Feed Rate:35-750mm/min

Spindle R.P.M.:0-740

Digital Read Out:Y/Z Axis Digital Scale

Superior machining

The LMD1010 gantry milling machine can achieve multiple machining methods. It is flexible to use line milling or gantry milling according to the actual situation.

Machining width can be adjusted freely within the specified range under gantry milling for machining surface, seal groove and square flange surface. Typical applications for repair compressor mounting base, motor mounting base, rolling mill arches, ship loaders, mining machinery etc.

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Applicable to petroleum, chemical, natural gas, nuclear power and other industries pipeline cutting processing. It can be equipped with automatic length-fixing system and can be combined with logistics system to form efficient pipeline operation. It is the key equipment for all kinds of pipeline prefabrication.





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