Mobile Gantry Mills In Situ Machine

Mobile Gantry Mills In Situ Machine
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LMD3010 China Gantry Milling Hydraulic Portable 


LMD3010 Gantry Milling                

X Axis(Bed) Stroke3000mm                

All beds are made of forged parts of alloy structural steel

Bed connection system provides the ultimate in rigidity

The arm is made of aluminum alloy

X axis stroke: 3000mm (118.0″) 
Y axis stroke(standard):1000mm (40.0″)


Lmd3010 Gantry Milling is my company's main product, absorbing the structural characteristics of advanced machine tools at home and abroad, using advanced technology manufacturing, machine performance is good, reliable structure, simple operation, easy maintenance, it is widely used in heavy duty black, Non-ferrous metal, bevel and concave and convex milling in machining industry, with good performance-to-price ratio.

201911281832549636264Structural characteristics:

1. The machine consists of bed, left and right columns, and Gantry roof to form a fixed gantry-type thermal symmetrical structure. 
2. The worktable moves back and forth on the bed guide rail, driven by an AC motor, and the moving speed is stepless and adjustable. 
3. The Cross beam moves up and down vertically on the left and right column guide rails through the Cross beam lifting mechanism.
 4. The horizontal feed mechanism of the end mill head is arranged on the crossbeam. The horizontal feed speed is stepless and adjustable.
5, the beam mechanical hand locking, beam lifting and locking interlock, safe and reliable operation.
6. External pump station oil supply system is adopted for the bed guide rail of the machine tool.
7.The machine tool is equipped with a set of electric cabinet and a set of hanging button station. The machine tool is operated on the hanging button station.
8, bed guide retractable steel plate protective cover, column Guide Rail, Beam Guide rail organ type protective cover.


Joysung Mobile Portable Gantry Milling Machine, after 15 years of research and development of wisdom and technology, in the rolling mill arch, compressor installation, ship loader, mining machinery, and other maintenance and processing fields to become a leader, the materials used are also world-class materials.





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