Automatic N95 Face 4-ply Mask Machine

Product Details

High Efficient Fully Automatic N95 Mask Production Line

Product Descritpion:

The fully automated production line for N95 masks,including cutomatic raw materials delivery,nose bridge mounting,flat belt welding ,lamination,ultrasonic fusion,forming&cutting and other automatic processes.The program is optimized and upgraded to avoid the problem of overlapping two-price masks druring downtime.


Mask Machine Specifications


High efficient fully automatic n95 mask production line



Production capacity

30-36 Pcs/Min








Product Features

1, the structure is stable: the whole machine using aluminum alloy structure, beautiful solid not rust;
2, N95 automatic folding mask machine automatic counting, convenient and fast, with photoelectric detection, production automatic counting function, easy to manage and control;
3, the mask machine products are high: fully automatic production line, high output, reliability;
4, covers a small area: the machine floor rest small, covers a small area;
5, automatic abnormal alarm stop device, intelligent human nature: all feeding system has automatic abnormal alarm shutdown device (e.g. cloth,Nose line, ear band), any raw materials will automatically alarm stop, will not appear such as nasal line exhaust equipment also continue to run so Causes the waste of a mask that does not have a nose line. The same is true of cloth and earbands.
6, automatic folding mask machine intelligent and easy to operate, easy to learn;

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Automatic N95 Face 4-ply mask machine

Our Factory:

High speed mask making machine

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