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N95 China High-Efficiency Professional Fully Automatic Medical Protective Disposable N95 Face Mask Making Mac


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N95 Mask Machine Whole Set 6 Parts:

Disposable Mask Manufacturing Machine

  1. N95 cup-shaped mask forming machine: The cup-shaped mask forming machine uses the high-temperature hot-pressing principle to produce the shaped part of the cup-shaped mask.

  2. N95 Mask Forming Machine: The cup-shaped mask mask forming machine is also known as the mask mask slicer. This machine uses the principles of ultrasonic cutting and automatic welding and edge sealing. It scans the cup-shaped mask structure to make a special mold to complete the mask jacket cutting and welding.

  3. N95 Cup-type mask welding punching machine: PLC control, human-machine interface touch screen display, fully displaying the humanized operation concept; using ultrasonic welding, with a special knife die cutting device, welding punching is completed at one time, the blanking is exquisite and firm without hurting the material; The edge is not loose; the two heads of welding and cutting work at the same time, and the six stations automatically turn the table, the movement is accurate and no deviation.

  4. N95 cup mask pad printer: microcomputer control with high degree of automation and easy operation; printing stroke and speed can be adjusted; automatic balance scraper to ensure balanced printing pressure; the use of imported shaft center and shaft sleeve makes the silk screen scraper smoothly slide printing; operation Speed can be adjusted independently.

  5. N95 cup-shaped mask nose welding bar welding machine: The pneumatically pushed principle is used to push the glued aluminum bar. After heating, the surface glue is melted and combined with the gas to promote the bonding on the periphery of the nose bridge. Completed in one pass without harming the surface of the N95 mask.

  6. N95 cup-shaped mask ear band laminating machine: spot welding of mask ear bands, high production efficiency and easy operation; using infrared fixed point, movable mold.

Technical Parameters of N95 Mask Machine

Product Name

N95 cup-shaped mask forming machine








30-36 pcs/min


1.Better Material:

 We choose better materials in the market to produce, improve the quality from the source, for your escort along the way.

2.Fine Workmanship:

We have standardized production process, strict supervision mechanism and constantly updated product technology.

3.Quality Garantee:

Before leaving the factory, our products are strictly tested and the quality of each product is guaranteed.

4.Rest Assured After-sales:

We are a large manufacturer, there are specialized after sales and maintenance personnel, can reduce the customer's concern, welcome the customer to visit the factory to discuss.

Production Facility

Automatic N95 Face 4-ply mask machine

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JOYSUNG is committed to the perfect application of high-quality portable equipment to engineering machinery, petrochemicals, ship ports, thermal power plants, wind power towers, hydropower stations, steel plants and construction industries.Our products find buyers and users in many quality and competitive markets - the United States, India, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Italy, Russia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chile, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Nepal and so on. All our overseas buyers show their trust in us by repeatedly placing orders. This benefits from consistency in the quality, pricing and timely supply of our products. This benefits from consistency in the quality, pricing and supply of our products.

JOYSUNG's long-term success in the field machining industry is attributed to the leadership of our management team, including our chairman Mr. KEVIN Lee. With rich experience and strong business acumen in the industry, they have been leading JOYSUNG company to the highest level. Their excellent management skills keep the entire team constantly energetic and motivated. We have a professional management and service team, we have experienced professional engineers, we are proficient in various advanced technologies, we have our own workshop and warehouse, and each of our equipment models are stocked, friends with the same skin color as you are working with us, what are you still hesitating?

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High speed mask making machine

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