High Speed Mask Making Machine

Product Details

Fully Automatic N95 Folding Face Mask Making Production Machine


Product Description:

The automatic N95 mask production line uses the latest ultrasonic welding technology. It has the advantages of advanced technology, reliable, convenient and stable operation. It realizes the entire process of automatic production from cloth feeding to finished masks. One person can operate multiple production line. The production line mainly include automatic loading of coils, automatic feeding of nose bridges, ultrasonic roll welding of mask body shape, pad printing of identification information , welding of ear bands, automatic application of sponge nose pads, automatic folding and welding masks, mold cutting, finished product loading materials, rejection and other processes.

Technical Features:

1, High-speed and fully automatic production

2, Ultrasonic welding, high accuracy, good quality, high stability and low failure rate

3, Support up to 6 layers of non-woven roll materials feeding

4, Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure balanced tension

5, Modular design, which can flexibly increase the function modules of breathing valve assembly, automatic detection, automatic packing etc

6, Digital communication control of the whole line, which can realize data collection, analysis, traceability and visual data signage

7, Ergonomic design, easy maintenance


Technical Parameters:

Production Capacity

30-36 pcs/min


220V 50/60 Hz


3.6 kw





Product Display:

Automatic N95 Face 4-ply mask machine

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High speed mask making machine

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