N95 Automatic Mask Machine

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N95 Mask Machine

Function introduction:

The automatic production of the production line is controlled by the program, and the operation is completed automatically from 3 to 6 layers of raw materials, including the production process, which can include automatic nose bar, folding forming and ear band welding.The equipment is fed by servo, and the positioning system is matched with each production position to produce folding masks; in order to meet the market demand, the mold can be imported according to the product Line adjustment to produce a wide range of folding masks.

*JOYSUNG mask machine is a fully automatic folding mask production equipment, from raw materials to finished products output, automatic completion.

*N95 mask machine design concept is mature, which can meet the requirements of various folding masks.

*High production efficiency, folding and forming, solid and beautiful ear band welding, strong pulling force, automatic nose bar and automatic printing function.

*N95 mask machine operates stably with long-term continuous action, and the product qualification rate is over 99%.

*Automatic control of mask machine, smooth operation and stable production.


Machine technical parameter

Product NameN95 Full-Automatic Mask Machin
Machine Size9650mm*1900mm*2150mm
Machine Weight3700KG
MaterialAluminum profile
Machine Power15KW
Welding wayUltrasonic welding


*The machine adopts modular design, convenient installation and small floor area.

*N95 mask machine is made of aluminum alloy, beautiful, solid and rust free.

*PLC touch screen control, automatic counting, advanced technology, stable and reliable.

*Photoelectric detection, high reliability, good welding effect, low failure rate.


*Friendly human-computer interface, equipment abnormality and material shortage alarm, screen guidance to deal with abnormality quickly.


*High automation, convenient operation and high production efficiency.

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