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Fully Automatic Face Mask Making Machine Medical N95 Mask Making Production Machine For Sale

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The automatic medical mask machine (one for two) adopts the servo and constant temperature control system to control the material from entering the compound to forming to welding to punching and cutting to spot welding the ear belt. The whole production process is fully automatic.The mask machine is to make all kinds of masks with fixed filtration performance by hot pressing, folding, ultrasonic welding,scraping, ear band and nose strip welding. The production speed of the mask is 120 pieces / minute or more, and the qualified rate is more than 99%. 

Main Parameters:

Product structure: left and right elastic ear band + outer non-woven fabric + bridge strip + melt blown fabric + inner non-woven fabric;
Design speed: 30-36 pieces / minute;
Power supply: 220V 50Hz;
Installed capacity: About 10kW (including air compressor power);
Compressed air: 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa, 1.0m3/min;
Defective rate: ≤ 1% (excluding defective products caused by glue sprayer and material joint);
Equipment size: (length * width * height) 6000*1200*1800mm;
Machine color: sheet metal warm gray 1C, aluminum profile primary color; 

Automatic Configuration:

PLC touch screen servo control system;
The temperature controller controls the embossing temperature;
Single shift output and total output are displayed on the touch screen;

All materials are automatically detected and stopped;
The acceleration and deceleration of the host are set on the touch screen, and the speed (chip / minute) of the current host is synchronously displayed on the touch screen;

Automatic shutdown in case of electrical failure;

Attached tool Data:

1. 1 set of random tools;
2. 1 equipment operation manual (including 1 flow, transmission and electrical schematic diagram respectively);
3. One spare set of short cutter. (W6 material)
4, After sales service, installation and commissioning
1. The supplier shall handle the transportation on behalf of the buyer, and the freight shall be borne by the buyer;
2. The supplier is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment, and the demander is responsible for providing accommodation and food for the commissioning and installation personnel;
3. Equipment warranty for one year (tools, synchronous belt, flat belt and other vulnerable parts are not covered by the warranty), life-long service.

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Automatic N95 Face 4-ply mask machine

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