N95 Flat Folded Mask Making Equipment

Product Details

Manufacturer's newly designed fully automatic disposable surgical mask machine equipment for medical mask manufacturing

Porduct Description:

Our fully automatic N95 mask production line is suitable for the production of N95 type masks. The cloth is automatically generated through automatic conveying, mask body production, pattern printing, ear band welding, cutting and slicing, and automatic blanking.

  1. Easy to Opearate,1 Operator Needed.

  2. Use ultrasonic welding technology and procedures to work together.

  3. Die-cut shape, welding of nose bridge, welding of welding of ear band, logo printing to the finished product is automatically completed by the equipment.

  4. High stability and long-term continuous operation New Model Fully Auto Surgical Face Mask Production Machine.





Machine size



Exterior color



Working pressure of the equipment



Production efficiency

35-40 pcs/min (Full-auto) 30 pcs/min (Semi-auto)


Power supply voltage



Machine weight



Mask specifications




External nasal bridge strip, outer point of ear band


N95 Mask Machine Features

1. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, beautiful appearance, durable. Each machine adopts modular design, flexible combination, convenient and fast installation and debugging.

2. Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, photoelectric (optical fiber) detection.

3. Multiple positions are equipped with photoelectric detection, which is stable and reliable to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.

4. Some machines can be adjusted to meet the personalized design: the pattern of the welding point of the mask body; the mask logo and brand LOGO, and the welding strength can be adjusted.

5. The stacking of raw materials to finished products is fully automatic. One person can operate multiple equipments and be responsible for raw material replenishment.



Clean the machine at the last shift every day; clean and maintain the machine weekly, and add oil lubrication to the guide rails. Note: The ultrasonic welding mechanism is a precision component, and non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble it. Note: The blade of the knurling cutting mechanism is sharp, and do not touch it by hand. All cleaning, maintenance and inspection work must be powered off. Repair work must be handled by qualified personnel.

Automatic N95 Mask Medical Equipment Display

New Model Fully Auto Surgical Face Mask Production Machine  (4)

New Model Fully Auto Surgical Face Mask Production Machine  (5)New Model Fully Auto Surgical Face Mask Production Machine  (3)

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