N95 Full-Automatic Cup Folding Mask Making Machine

N95 Full-Automatic Cup Folding Mask Making Machine
Product Details

N95 Full-Automatic Cup Folding Mask Making Machine

Product Detail

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Technical Parameters

Product NameN95 Mask Full-Automatic Making Machine
Machine Size570*450*190CM

Product Features

1.N95 Mask making machine feeding system: aluminum alloy frame structure, beautiful, strong and rust free, to ensure the size of finished products;Stainless steel fixture, adjustable;The setting of tensioning wheel can adjust the tensioning degree of the cloth, so as to effectively guarantee the beauty and flatness of the finished product;Nose clip line conveying group, easy to adjust and maintain.

2.Mask making production folding molding system: folding folding device, high folding degree and easy to control, large diameter welding wheel, effectively reduce product deformation.

3. N95 mask making ear band welding system: automatic feeding and automatic cutting of ear band;Double ultrasonic automatic welding;Realize automatic folding of ear band.

4. High stability, low failure rate and low noise.

5. Imported servo motor, high precision.

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