N95 Full-Automatic Mask Machine Production Line

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N95 Mask Making Machine

Product introduction

N95 full-automatic mask machine includes a complete set of assembly line equipment such as mask forming, mask blank pressing, mask cutting, ear band welding, upper nose beam strip, printing, etc., among which the mask forming and mask production all adopt full-automatic ultrasonic equipment, and the mask blank pressing and cutting can be completed by one machine, greatly improving the production efficiency of N95 mask.

Fully-Automatic-N95-Face-Mask-Making-Machine (2)_爱奇艺

The main frame structure of the full-automatic N95 respirator is made aluminum profile, which is not welded, light in weight, convenient in assembly and disassembly, and can be put into use quickly and shorten the construction period. In the process of use, there will be no shaking. It has good stability and is very popular with mask equipment manufacturers.

Full-automatic N95 mask machine uses PLC program control to complete automatic production from 3 to 6 layers of raw materials, which includes automatic printing, automatic upper nose strip, folding molding and ear band welding; the equipment is fed by servo, and the special positioning system is perfectly matched with each production station to produce folding masks with high quality and efficiency; in order to meet the market demand According to the product, the mold can be adjusted to produce a variety of N95 masks.

Technical parameter:

Product NameN95 Full-Automatic Mask Machine
Product Power
Produce Unit40-60PCS/MIN
Machine Size

Working Site:

N95 Wroking Site1

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