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With the continuous spread of the new crown epidemic, Shenzhen JOYSUNG Machinery immediately mobilized its capable forces to form a research team for the N95 mask machine project, launched technical research on the N95 mask machine, and provided mask machine equipment support for combating the epidemic nationwide as early as possible. This N95 mask machine project has a tight schedule, heavy tasks, heavy responsibilities and far-reaching significance! From the end of March, from the meeting and discussion to the formation of the project team; from the organization of raw materials to the development of prototypes; from the production of parts and components to the assembly of mask machines to the final installation and commissioning of the equipment, it took only 25 days to develop successfully Semi-automatic N95 mask machine, followed by the successful development of the fully automatic N95 high-end three-dimensional mask machine, JOYSUNG company carefully grasp the quality of the product, and contribute more strength to help fight the fight against the epidemic!

In the critical period of anti-epidemic, JOYSUNG has the courage to bear the responsibility of central enterprises. It has independently developed a fully automatic N95 high-end three-dimensional mask machine and a semi-automatic N95 foldable mask machine in a short period of time. The industry and industrial protection industry have made new contributions to the upgrade.

After full discussion and consultation, Shenzhen JOYSUNG Machinery Co., Ltd. agreed that the prototype was used in the fully automatic ear belt fixed-length shear welding system, various steel molds and ultrasonic welding technology, roll cutting tool module, pneumatic execution Breakthroughs have been made in key technical aspects such as the system and the automation and stability of the prototype have been improved. The structure is reasonable, the operation is reliable and stable, and the operation is convenient. The production efficiency of the whole machine can reach more than 50 pieces per minute, and the daily output of three shifts of a single machine can reach 50,000 pieces Above, the appraisal experts believe that the prototype has met various design requirements, and they unanimously agree that the prototype will pass the appraisal and can be mass-produced.

Automatic N95 Face 4-ply mask machine

In the global environment of the spread of New Coronavirus, the supply gap of medical protection materials in various countries is still huge. The epidemic situation is both a test and an opportunity. I hope JOYSUNG will bring products to the market as soon as possible and make new contributions to the country and the world to fight the epidemic situation.

In order to meet the needs of mask ear strap production, JOYSUNG has invested in two production workshops specializing in the production of N95 mask ultrasonic welding ear strap machine and ultrasonic edge pressing machine, which can meet the needs of various types of small batches in stock.

Automatic N95 Mask Medical Equipment Display

New Model Fully Auto Surgical Face Mask Production Machine  (4)

New Model Fully Auto Surgical Face Mask Production Machine  (5)New Model Fully Auto Surgical Face Mask Production Machine  (3)

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