Non Woven Fully Automatic Face Mask Making Machine

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Automatic Face Mask Machine semi-automatic Disposable Mask Production Equipment N95 mask making production machine


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The first folding N95 / KN95 fully automatic mask machine developed and produced by JOYSUNGCompany was successfully rolled out and put into trial operation. The average daily mask output can reach 43200. After the mask machine is delivered to customers, it will fully produce masks to help fight the epidemic worldwide.

At present, the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia in many overseas countries is still spreading, and masks have become one of the most in need of protective materials. Under the overall arrangement of the government, China's protective material production enterprises have helped China's new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control situation continue to improve, while also actively producing masks, helping overseas countries, and helping global war epidemics. Due to the rising demand for masks, many manufacturers have insufficient production capacity, and there is a strong demand for mask machines for the production of masks.

"During the epidemic, many mask production enterprises actively consulted JOYSUNG for the production of mask machines. As an enterprise that actively shoulders social responsibilities, JOYSUNG decided to integrate its own technical advantages and quickly develop production after actively studying the situation of epidemic prevention and control. Export mask machine to meet customer production needs and contribute to global war epidemic. "

It is reported that JOYSUNG is a high-tech technology specializing in the research and development, technology promotion and engineering services of portable processing equipment (engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, ships, bridges, mines, hydroelectric power stations, nuclear power plants, wind power towers) and other industries. The enterprise has extensive experience in business fields such as integrated applications and automated portable devices. "In response to the strong demand for masks in overseas markets, many manufacturers are more inclined to produce fully automatic mask production machines with more stable performance and higher production capacity, and JOYSUNG is at the industry leading level in terms of electrical control level and intelligent machine design capabilities. "The automatic mask production machine belongs to automatic intelligent equipment. It has many similarities in design principles with other intelligent equipment. The focus is on adjusting the design parameters of the mask machine equipment. Therefore, JOYSUNG's existing technical advantages can be quickly transformed into mask mask development capabilities. "

"Unlike many current mask machine production masks require manual operation, the entire process of manufacturing masks developed by JOYSUNG N95 automatic mask production machine is fully automated, and only one person is responsible for the operation of the machine." The production process reduces manual operations The quality of the masks produced is more guaranteed, and the pass rate is basically above 99%. After the successful commissioning test, the mask machine will be shipped to the customer factory in Guangzhou for commissioning. Due to the fully automated operation, the mask machine can produce 30-36 qualified N95 / KN95 per minute, and the daily production capacity can reach 43200, which will provide effective assistance for the prevention and control of the global epidemic. 

"JOYSUNG's ability to quickly develop N95 / KN95 automatic mask machine has also been highly recognized by customers. At present, many domestic customers are negotiating with us for cooperation. With the development of the global epidemic situation, I believe that the mask machine produced by JOYSUNG In the future, it will usher in a better market space. "This is also a huge benefit for the exploration of JOYSUNG's innovative business.


  1. Job content: Production of N95 masks without filters

  2. Product size: Ordinary mask size

  3. Operation: easy and simple operation, one person can control.

  4. Mode: New automatic surgical mask production machine

  5. Production speed: 30-36pcs / minSpecification

  6. Automatic N95 mask machine



Machine Type

Automatic Disposable Nonwoven Face Mask  Machinery


Non Woven Products Making



Mask type

3 Ply Folded Mask KN95



Mask body size


Product Display

Medical Standard Respirator Disposable N95 Dust Mask (8)

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