Disposable Mask Slice Machine

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Disposable mask slicer ——Product overview:

Disposable mask slicer is mainly used for automatic forming of flat masks. After unwinding the entire roll of fabric, it is driven by a roller. The fabric is automatically folded, wrapped, and the nose bridge is pulled by the whole roll. . Only one person is needed for the operation of this machine. The scientific and reasonable mechanical transmission configuration makes the machine work with high efficiency, and the speed of the machine is 100-120 pieces / min.

Disposable Mask Tablet Machine Features:

  1. The machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and solid without rust;

  2. Configure high power, can be equipped with ultrasonic welding system;

  3. With photoelectric detection, automatic counting;

  4. High stability, low failure rate and excellent performance;

Product Image:

N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (10)

N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (16)

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