Disposable Medical Mask Production Equipment

Product Details

N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (28)

N95 mask machine, factory direct sales, no middlemen to make the difference, spot

Porduct Description:

Automation technology of SHENZHEN JOYSUNG Machinery Co., Ltd. leads the outbreak of the joint war, fully automatic N95 mask machine.

Main mechanism parts: non-woven fabric roll placing frame, mask forming machine lamination, automatic straightening and cutting of nose rib, automatic folding welding and shearing.

Cutting, transfer conveyor belt, headphone welding machine, automatic blanking and conveying, etc

Optional function: pad printing function, labeling function.

Equipment Characteristics:

  • The equipment is simple in operation, stable in operation, high in loading and unloading efficiency, compact in structure and less in floor space, from raw material feeding to nose line insertion, and automatic operation in one line for cutting finished products;

  • The earmuff is formed and the earband is welded with full-automatic ultrasonic equipment;

  • It does not need any manual operation to save time and labor. The production can reach 50 ± 5pcs per minute;

  • The whole frame adopts aluminum alloy profile, which is solid, beautiful and rust free;

  • Adopt Mitsubishi PLC of Japan and write program actions by yourself;

Specification Parameter

Control mode: PLC

Use environment: cleanliness no less than 100000

Qualified equipment production: ≥ 96% (the incoming materials do not meet the requirements, except for the operation of employees)

Equipment failure rate ≤ 2% (failure caused by equipment itself)

Production speed: 50 ± 5pcs / min

Type of mask: N5 mask with inner nose

Working height: 800mm dimensional tolerance

Length of mask: ± 1mm

Length of ear band: ± 5mm

Bridge of nose: ± 5mm

Pressure system: adjustable air pressure control

Overall dimension of the whole machine: (L x W x H) about l9800w1600 * h2000mm

Operating weight: About 2500kg

Input air pressure: 05 ± 0.1MPa (the gas needs to be dried and filtered before being connected to the equipment)

Equipment installation requirements: input voltage AC380V, 50Hz, 12KW

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