N95 Mask Machine Anti pollution particles

N95 Mask Machine Anti pollution particles
Product Details

Automatic & Semi-Automatic Ffp2 Ffp3 N95 Fold Mask Machine

Product Description:

JOYSUNG full-automatic folding mask machine is a fully automatic machine for produce folding masks. It can achieve complete automation from raw materials to qualified finished products and is easy to adjust and control by PLC. Products from the manufacturing industry have a certain filtering effect on the air entering the lungs of the human body, and also have a very good protective effect when working in a polluted environment such as dust when respiratory infections are prevalent.


Main Fuction:

This machine is mainly used for N95 automatic forming: After unwinding the whole roll of material, it is loaded by roller driving. The cloth is automatically loaded, and the bridge of the nose bridge is pulled and unrolled. The mold is roll-welded to the edge band, cut and shaped by a rolling knife, and the forming mask is conveyed through the back roller, and the edge band is automatically sealed and the ear band is automatically welded.

Automatic-Semi-Automatic-Ffp2-Ffp3-N95-Fold-Mask-Machine (1)_爱奇艺

Product Specification: 

Voltage: AC220V

Power: 4.5kw (Optional)

Compressor: 0.6~0.8MPA(6-8kg)

Capacity: 35pcs/minute


Weight: 1050kg

Equipment production qualification rate: 98-99% (except that the incoming materials do not meet the requirements, except for improper operation by employees)

Equipment failure rate: 2% (refers to the failure caused by the equipment itself)

Equipment Composition:
The automatic folding mask machine includes: feeding part, upper nose line part, welding part, cutter part, upper ear band part, half-folding part, forming welding part, and discharging part. The device requires air pressure and power to function properly.

Automatic-Semi-Automatic-Ffp2-Ffp3-N95-Fold-Mask-Machine (2)_爱奇艺

Enviornment Requirement:

Color: Computer white paint or hard-plated inscription, oxidized color, stainless steel color, according to this standard without special instructions.

Machine Weight: 500kg Ground load requirements 300kg /m2

Voltage: AC220V±5%,50HZ,Power 6.5-8.5kw

Enviornment requirement: Temperature:10ºC~35ºC, Humidity: 5-35%HR,no flammable, no corrosive gas, no dust. (cleanliness no less than 100000)

Keep away from paint (gasoline), chemicals, acids, alkalis, and explosive or flammable materials.

Avoid proximate to machines that generate vibration.

Ambient lighting: above 300LUX.

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