JOYSUNG Semi-Automatic Mask Earloop Welding Machine

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JOYSUNG Semi-Automatic Mask Earloop Welding Machine

Semi-Automatic Mask Earloop Welding Machine4

Mask processing:

KN95 mask production machine is mainly used for automatic mask formation. After putting the whole roll of fabric on machine,which is driven by a roller, and the fabric is automatically superimposed; the nose bridge bar is pulled by the whole roll, unrolled after a fixed length is cut, and then insert into the edged fabric.Use ultrasonic lateral sealing machine to seal after the folding process, and finally the mask is cutted and shaped.

Product features: Stepper motor drive, stable operation, continuous production without interruption, short commissioning time, high utilization of special gear hobbing materials, and the machine is small.

Technological process:

1.Unfold the material roll

2.Insert the nose bridge bar

3.weld the seal

4.weld the earloop;


6.Seal the side




In order to improve efficiency, automatic output is distributed to the left and right sides through the transmission system. At the same time, ultrasonic cutting of ear hanging and nose line is carried out through photoelectric detection.


The finished product is automatically exported through the conveyor belt, realizing a line of automatic operation from the input to the finished product, with an efficiency of up to 100 pieces per minute, facilitating the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent production of masks.

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