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N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (26)

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JOYSUNG's segmented semi-automatic N95 mask production line is in place

Affected by the epidemic, masks have become a tightly sold commodity in the world at the moment when production and shutdown are stopped abroad, especially N95 masks have become daily necessities for special protection. Only by accelerating the speed of mask production and racing against viruses can we finally defeat this unprecedented global war epidemic and save more lives.


The semi-automatic N95 mask machine and earband welding machine use ultrasonic welding technology. The semi-automatic production of N95 masks is semi-automatic to complete the operation. It is divided into a body punching machine, earband welding machine, and nose bridge welding machine. There are coil feeding, nose bridge feeding, mask texture welding, ear strap feeding welding, mask folding forming, mask folding welding, mask edge material cutting, finished product blanking.


The equipment feeds through the servo motor, the positioning system, and the tension system cooperate with each process to produce N95 masks; in order to meet market demand, the mold can be simply replaced to adapt to the production of various masks.

From the plane masks that were in great demand in the country to the N95 masks that are now in response to foreign outbreaks, JOYSUNG has exerted its equipment and technical strength accumulated over the past 15 years on the road of anti-epidemic. .


Today, China has achieved great success in fighting the epidemic, and China's experience has become the world's best example in fighting the epidemic. The orderly and rapid resumption of production by Chinese enterprises and China's intelligent manufacturing, and the rapid production of medical supplies, contribute to the global fight against the epidemic, stabilize the economy, and send warmth and care to the people of the world.

The difference between KN95 and N95

KN95 level is one of the levels specified in the Chinese standard GB2626-2006, N95 is one of the levels specified in the American standard 42 CFR 84, the technical requirements of these two levels ...

"95" means that the filtration efficiency reaches 95% under the test conditions specified in the NIOSH standard. As long as it meets the N95 standard, and products that pass the NIOSH review can be called N95 masks ...

The latest dust mask standards have a clear classification of dust filter effect levels. The half mask has N90, and the protection efficiency is 90%. N95 protection efficiency is 95%. The N100 protection efficiency is above 99.97%.

Process flow of N95 semi-automatic folding mask machine

After unwinding the whole roll of fabric, it is compounded by a roller, and the fabric is cut into a hemming fabric after being cut to a fixed length, and the two sides are integrally formed by ultrasonic welding, rolling and cutting.


Equipment size: 7000mm*3500*2000mm

Working voltage: AC220V5060HZ, rated

Power: 4KW

Operating environment: temperature 10-35 ℃, temperature 535% HR, no flammability, corrosive gas

Body, no dust

Mask production types: adult / child N95 masks

N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (14)

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