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N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (27)

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The new coronavirus has become the biggest common enemy of all mankind in 2020. The spread of the epidemic is a global outbreak trend, and its number of infected people is increasing. According to the latest reports from official media, the epidemic situation in China is basically under control. SHENZHEN JOYSUNG Machinery Co., Ltd. is proud of its powerful motherland, and is deeply moved by the bravery and dedication of all front-line personnel and the people of Wuhan! But at the same time, JOYSUNG's employees are equally worried, because overseas outbreaks are serious, countries such as the United States and Europe are out of control, and the number of confirmed cases is growing rapidly.

Nowadays, "masks" have become a necessity for people's daily life, but the supply of masks still needs to exceed demand. As a high-tech enterprise of portable automation solutions and equipment suppliers, JOYSUNG Company seeks opportunities in the midst of crisis. The production of "mask machines" is a move to cope with the current breakthrough problem, and it is also a manifestation of the corporate responsibility to follow the upsurge and respond to social calls.


The semi-automatic production line by the former process (first step) after ontology machine and process automation (including sealing side machine/welding bridge of the nose of machine/welding machine ears) set of lines, first of all, by the operator will expect the first working procedure on shipping/location of automation machine piece of ontology, through ontology machine finish after the piece, again by operator receiving station and transfer, points that the sealing side, through the manual sealing side machine complete sealing side, again by operators material-collecting, shunt to the welding of bridge of the nose bar location, through the manual welding machine to complete the bridge of the nose of the welding bridge of the nose, and then by the operators material-collecting, shunt to weld ear with location,And through manual operation of the lug belt welding machine to complete the lug belt spot welding, and finally by the operator to collect, tidy up and transferred to the next procedure for operation.


N95 semi-automatic mask machine 5-piece set, 15-20 days delivery, factory direct sales, welcome to book!

N95 semi automatic mask production machine (1 set)

Automatic control, adjustable speed, automatic counting

Simple adjustment device, easy loading and unloading

The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, beautiful, solid and rust free

High stability and low failure rate

The production speed is fast.

N95 blank holder molding machine (2 sets)

Cut / sew / emboss at the same time / shape the product once

N95 welding headset (2 sets)

High production efficiency, simple operation and stable quality

Good operation line of sight, in line with ergonomics

The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, beautiful, solid and rust free.

High stability and low failure rate

All accessories adopt the production technology of domestic high-end enterprises

Machine Specifications:


Production line model

Semi-automatic face mask machine((N95 laminating machine))

 specification of the machine


 Working power supply

 220V 50-60Hz

 The production efficiency

 2000 pcs /hour

 The production specification


 Product pass rate

 96%(except for raw materials and human operation)


  • Master the manufacturing process of core components

  • Own large production plant

  • Technician level commissioning team

  • It has a complete set of

  • Production capacity of all kinds of precision machinery parts

  • Ensure the accuracy and consistency of production machinery parts

  • So as to ensure the stability of the equipment

  • Welcome customers from home and abroad!

Matters Needing Attention:

(1) In case of failure of the machine, turn off the power switch immediately to avoid damage to the electronic components and relevant subprogram configuration in the electronic box, and contact our after-sales service department in time.

(2) Do not open the electronic box by yourself, and bear all losses caused by violation.

(3) When moving the machine, handle it gently and install it stably. Make the machine work in the best condition.

(4) Pay attention to the cleanliness of the machine and wipe it gently with a clean soft cloth. Attention! It is not allowed to clean and wipe the electric box and the body with chemical materials and hard objects. The surface of the body is coated with electrostatic powder and baked. Once damaged, it can be repaired without paint.

(5) During the maintenance of this machine, it is strictly prohibited to operate with electricity to avoid personal safety.

(6) When the machine is working, it is forbidden to touch the cutter and mould by hand to avoid high temperature scald and pressure injury.

(7) Parts of the machine shall not be added or removed at will, and other inferior parts shall not be replaced

Instead, to avoid affecting the normal state that has been debugged.

Our Services


1.For all our machines, we provide one-year warranty.

2.Life-long on-line technical support and provide free parts when problems occur within one year (not including shipping cost).

3. Technical engineer avalible when machine has any problem.

N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (10)

N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (12)

High Quality Face Mask Making Machine (1)

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