Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Face Mask Tie Welder

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Product Description:

The ultrasonic spot welding machine developed and manufactured by Shenzhen JOYSUNG Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly used for welding flat masks and KN95 mask ear straps. The principle is that the high-frequency signal oscillated by the oscillation circuit is converted into mechanical energy by the transducer (that is, high-frequency mechanical vibration energy with a frequency exceeding the auditory threshold of the human ear), and this energy is transmitted to the non-woven fabric through the welding head. One hundred thousand times of vibration and pressure make the earband and the face of the mask violently rub and melt. After the vibration stops, the short-term pressure maintained on the workpiece makes the earband and the mask piece welded together in a molecular link.

Technical parameters of disposable medical mask ultrasonic earband welding machine:

Ultrasonic component power




Work efficiency

5-8 pieces / min

Power source

Driven by the motor

Welding head

Single welding head

Conducting device

Pneumatic way

Turn on the device

Foot switch

Range of use

Both KN95 and flat masks can be used

Whether spot


Product Advantages:

1. The design of the machine is small and flexible, and the operation is simple and convenient.

 2. It can be used for flat, inner ear strap / outer ear strap, cup mask, duckbill and other special-shaped welding.

3. After the body is manufactured, the earband is welded manually, the operation is simple, and the contact is firm and beautiful. Skilled workers complete 10-12 pieces of ear strap welding per minute.

Machine Features:

1. Ultrasonic spot welding machine adopts original transducer, stable output, high-quality component assembly, reliable performance, smart design and easy operation, mainly suitable for spot welding of non-woven fabric ear belt, with high production efficiency and simple operation , Stable quality, etc .;

2. The double guide column design can solve the problem of backward tilt during welding;

3. The operation is simple, the welding spot is firm and beautiful after welding, and the material itself is not damaged.

Product Image:

N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (10)

N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (16)

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