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N95 mask semi-automatic production line

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The second-generation N95 semi-automatic masks were successfully shipped, with beautiful slices, nose bridges, welding tape, and edge banding. Thanks to the hard work of all employees of JOYSUNG, they have been debugging equipment for two consecutive days. The test speed of the device has reached 34 pieces per minute, exceeding our design expectations. After the equipment was operated for several hours, the ultrasonic temperature did not rise significantly and the noise was low.

Although the automatic mask machine seems to have relatively high productivity and efficiency, it requires high professional technology and is a system engineering. The installation and commissioning of any component is related to the stability and efficiency of the equipment. In order to seize the market opportunities as soon as possible, JOYSUNG company introduced a semi-automatic mask machine, which is used with welding earphones, nose bridge machines, and edge blanking machines. The efficiency is not reduced and the stability is stronger.

Manufacturers with relatively short delivery time requirements, sufficient human resources, and concerns about the instability of the automatic mask machine can also try to understand the performance of the semi-automatic mask machine, which is relatively simple and requires relatively low technical maintenance personnel skills and equipment The operation is simple, ordinary workers can be trained to operate at any time, the most important thing is the short delivery time.

Product Features

The new N95 semi-automatic film machine, from raw material feeding to the completion of the finished product are all one-line automated operation; the maximum production capacity is 50 pieces per minute; the cutter wheel and welding wheel can be easily replaced to produce three-dimensional masks of different sizes and models. The mask ear straps produced are elastic and non-woven, which makes the wearer's ears comfortable and pressure-free. The filter cloth layer of the mask has a good filtering effect and can be applied to highly polluting industries. Using an electromagnetic stepless speed control system, the production speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the mechanical operation is stable and flexible. A

N95 semi-automatic mask machine composition introduction The whole line includes a semi-automatic film machine, two semi-automatic ear band welding machines, and two semi-automatic V-shaped edge banding machines.

Semi-automatic filming machine introduction: This machine has automatic feeding, built-in nose bridge, knurling, rolling cutting function. Capacity: 30-50 tablets per minute, 24 hours a day operating capacity up to 50,000 tablets. Adopt open design, man-machine combination, convenient debugging and maintenance. Easy to operate, low cost, strong and durable.

Introduction of Semi-Automatic Earband Welding Machine: The semi-automatic earband welding machine is manually loaded and the motor rotates. The production capacity is 15-25 tablets per minute, and the operation capacity is more than 21,000 tablets 24 hours a day. The equipment is easy to operate, adopts automatic induction and foot switch type, automatically cuts the ear strap line, automatic alignment, automatic welding, and quickly meets product quality requirements.

Semi-automatic V-shaped edge banding machine: The semi-automatic V-shaped edge banding machine is manually loaded with high-quality 20K2000W ultrasonic waves. The production capacity is 20-25 tablets per minute, and the operation capacity is more than 28,000 tablets 24 hours a day. The equipment is easy to operate, using automatic induction and foot switch type.

N95 mask machine design, parts procurement, installation, commissioning and other services. If there is a demand, please contact, let you worry and let you rest assured.

Technical parameters

Production speed: 30-50pcs / min c) Maximum 

power: 6000W

Voltage: 220VAC

Machine Installation

Please place the machine horizontally on the ground. The host part and the rear feeding rack should be placed in parallel. The machine should be adjusted for wiring. First, confirm the power supply voltage required by the machine, disconnect all power switches on the machine, and connect the power cord as required. Please connect the ground wire for the safety of the operator.

Product maintenance and maintenance:

(1) First of all, keep the whole machine clean, especially in the working environment with heavy dust, we should pay more attention to the maintenance and maintenance of this machine. The dust and dust in the electronic box should be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle brush. Prevent short circuit of chassis components.

(2) Ensure the chassis is effectively grounded to prevent static electricity or leakage, and prevent personal safety accidents.

N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (10)N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (14)

N95 Semi Automatic Surgical Disposable Mask Making Machine (16)

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