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Overview of fully automatic disposable medical surgical masks:

This equipment is used for the automatic production of multi-layer material plane masks. It can use 1 ~ 4 layers of PP spunbond non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter materials. The entire machine from raw material feeding to nose line insertion, edge banding, cutting The finished products are all in a single line of automatic operation, plus two earband spot welding machines, which can produce external earband masks.


Plane mask one drag two ears mask machine movement process:

Manually load the PP spunbond non-woven fabric incoming material roll and the nose thread material roll into the material rack. At the beginning, the artificial leader will insert several layers of non-woven fabric stack and nose thread into the conveying mechanism. The conveying mechanism drives the non-woven fabric and the nose thread forward, and then folds, compresses, cuts, and shunts to the two ear strap welding machines on the same way. The ear strap welding machine welds the ear straps.

Features of automatic ear-hook butterfly mask manufacturing machine:

  1. The main body transportation adopts high-precision servo motor, which has fast speed, smooth movement and high precision.

  2. Adjustable level of reclaiming mechanism; high versatility of whole position mechanism and quick product change;

  3. The whole equipment adopts high rigidity structure to improve the overall stability of the equipment.

  4. The whole machine is automatic operation from material feeding, nose line insertion, edge banding and cutting finished products, it only needs one person to operate.

  5. Good welding effect and low failure rate.

  6. Using German Siemens PLC programming control, advanced and reliable technology, high degree of automation.

Specifications of disposable plane mask machine:

Overall size: 6800mm (L) * 3600mm (W) * 1950mm (H)

Equipment structure: one drag two plane mask machine

Equipment voltage single phase: AC220V / 50HZ / 880OW; flat three-pin plug

Equipment capacity: 90 ~ * 110 pieces / minute (-drag two layout)

Working air pressure and interface: 0.5 ^ 0.7Mpa, 12mm quick plug in dry air source

Equipment weight: about 1 600kg

Control and drive mode: PLC control, servo drive

Operating height Floor to table height: 850mm (the height of assembly line and feet can be adjusted)

Environmental requirements: within clean room Class 10

Air consumption: 250 L / min

Applicable materials: PP, non-woven fabrics, synthetic fibers

Processing method: ultrasonic welding

Finished product specification: 175mm * 95mm

Picture display of surgical mask machine


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