Application Of TDG60 Line Boring Machine

                          TDG60- Portable on site line boring machine for Excavator repairing

TDG90 Line Boring Machine

Over decades years, DTHMachines has been doing on site line boring machining services for different areas, which help many clients with Heavy equipment such as Dozers, Excavators and Articulated Trucks reboring and welding. It eliminates cost and transport time to save a lot for their projects.


Like this client in Senegal, they have been waitting for a line boring machine urgent for Komatsu 1250 repairng, after good considering with our client, we decide to ship the TDG60 with Airplane to solve his problem, so they can keep working in process.

Also we can customized the line boring machine according to client's requirement.



We can provide ODM&OEM line boring machine , bore welding, flange facer and portable line milling as your request . As long as it's available.