Cleaning And Maintenance Of Small CNC Thread Milling Machine

After the CNC milling machine is used up, don't leave it on the side, it still needs good maintenance, that is, the cleaning work after use is needed. 

The specific maintenance methods are as follows:

After the CNC milling machine was used, the parts were processed. The fuselage and drill floor of the CNC milling machine will have various debris left after the CNC milling machine is used. Even the ground near the CNC milling machine will have many Debris. Never underestimate these debris. Because it doesn't matter if you don't clean it this time, don't clean it next time, don't clean it up next time, it will cause problems after a long time. It took a long time to clean up but it was not cleaned up. This is the problem that makes us headache.

When the CNC milling machine speed reference signal is a step signal, the CNC milling machine current regulator inputs a large value, but its value has reached the set saturation value. At this time, the CNC milling machine motor runs at the maximum limit current of the system control function, so that the CNC milling machine motor maintains the maximum torque and maximum acceleration state during the acceleration process to shorten the starting and braking machining.

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