CNC Thread Milling Machine

                                           CNC Thread Milling Machine

The traditional thread processing method mainly uses a thread turning tool to turn the thread or use a tap, a die manual tapping and a buckle. With the development of CNC machining technology, especially the emergence of three-axis CNC machining system, the more advanced thread machining method - CNC milling of the thread can be realized. Compared with traditional thread processing, thread milling has great advantages in machining accuracy and machining efficiency, and is not limited by the thread structure and thread rotation during machining. For example, a thread milling cutter can process a variety of different directions. Internal and external threads. For the thread that does not allow the transition buckle or the undercut structure, the traditional turning method or taps and die are difficult to machine, but it is very easy to realize by CNC milling. In addition, the durability of the thread milling cutter is ten or even dozens of times that of the tap, and the adjustment of the thread diameter size is extremely convenient in the numerical control milling thread process.


But for most of on-site machining, the workpiece is not easy to transport and repairing on workshop , and it’s urgent to be repaired , how could it be finished fast and effectively?

Here portable CNC milling machine comes.Mobile CNC thread milling machine to do the flange repairing jobs to save the cost and provide the precision of in situ service.


For such a flange , we need to cut the Pillar first and bore the hole , do the thread milling machine too, however the workpiece is not movable, to do the job as fast as we can , a cnc thread milling machine is needs.


This machine free hands completely with high accurancy , smooth , stable cnc programmes.


It covers many areas, including: gas , steam, water, petrochemical, chemical, nuclear, pharmaceutimal, power generation,marine and rail propulsion. It provides stable and power 3D cnc machine for combine market.


This is the future of on site service and trend of high precision.