External Mounting Flange Facer Machine


Facing Range: 0 – 12” (0 – 305mm)

External flange facer machine allows operator to face flat and raised face flanges, perform record grooving operations, and cut RTJ ring grooves into flanges.

Portable OD Mount Flange Facers are designed for the rugged challenges of the Oil, Gas & Chemical industry

1: Internal positioning and installation, eight-jaw support, meeting the processing requirements of large cutting amount, high efficiency;

2: The patented knife holder design can rotate 360 degrees and has a wider range of use;

3: Provide pneumatic and hydraulic modes to meet the needs of different customers;

4: The scale of the feed handwheel is displayed, and the accuracy of the feed is accurate;

5: The feeding tool can realize automatic feeding in the axial direction and the radial direction to ensure the machining accuracy;

6: The tool holder can be adjusted, the axial and radial cutting speed is six-speed speed regulation, unique design and wider working range;

7: Small in size, light in weight, and sufficient to meet the requirements of portability;

8: switching within a range of surface roughness Ra 0.8 μm - 12.5 μm;

9: The adjustable speed range is large to meet different processing requirements.

10: Horizontal, vertical, inverted, tilt can be installed;

11: Machinable smooth surface, water line, straight groove, chute