FDG2000 Flange Facer Tools Delivered To Trinidad And Tobago

                                                                    On field repairing of flange surface


The flange interface is the necessary passage for the pressure vessel and is the interface for docking other facilities. Ensure of flange seal safety means the sealing of the entire pressure vessel,there is important of flange end groove sealing according to groove precision and material.

However, when the medium in the container with a large flange diameter is high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive substance, the container flange

Sealing surfaces and sealing grooves are prone to corrosion, etc. Workers may accidentally hurt flange faces when installing or repairing equipment.

Flange sealing surface or sealing groove will be damaged or corrosion due to various factors of erosion, it is inevitable that maintenance cannot be carried out to avoid leak and explosion.

After the flange end face or the seal groove is damaged, to avoid the accident, it is necessary to deal with the damaged flange in time .

1. When the damage is small and the local welding is carried out, the grinding ring can be used for manual on-site grinding repair. But it’s low precision.

It is difficult to guarantee the requirements, available for low demands of pressure vessel.

2. When the damage is serious, the pressure vessel needs to be sent to the machinery factory for processing and repairing on a large boring machine. It can not eliminates the logistical and cost related issues that go along with repairs and major replacements on any large equipment that is not easily moved.

The whole process will increase time-consuming and labor-intensive, downtime and maintenance costs

3. Replace the flange.It is simple to change the plane.But some pressure vessels cannot be cutting by fire or welding;and some need to re-do non-destructive testing and other technical requirements, resulting in more consequence;


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The groove of the pipe, the inner hole, the end face and the convex groove of the flange (RF, RTJ, RTJ, V-Groove type) and various forms of sealing on site processing