Future Trends In The Manufacture Of Disposable Mask Machines

Nowadays, domestic mask machine equipment has become a hot commodity because of the development of the epidemic. In fact, under normal circumstances, although such equipment as a mask machine has a certain amount of calculation, it is relatively good whether it is a manufacturer or a product in China. However, as the consumer market continues to change, there will be some new changes in the development of the mask machine industry. So what is the future development trend of the mask machine and what characteristics will it have?

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First, more automated and intelligent

Today's mask machine production is very automated, basically a set of equipment only needs a small number of people to complete the entire production process. However, from the perspective of the demand situation and technological development trend in the past two years, the future mask machine production equipment will be better automated and intelligent, especially the AI technology will be applied to the equipment production control system to achieve Leapfrogging development.

Second, the production process is more complete

Many masks today must be put into specific equipment for sterilization after completing the mask machine production process, which usually takes two to three days. With the development of future technology, it is very likely that a rapid disinfection subsystem will be added to the mask machine system, so as to achieve the effect of rapid production and rapid shipment.

Third, the generalization of production equipment

Although the current mask machine equipment system is very mature and the types of masks that can be produced are also very complete, masks with different functions and models can only be produced on specific equipment, which restricts the production adjustment of some factories. In the future, the generalized mask machine will become a new direction for R & D to conquer, thus achieving one machine with multiple functions.