Great Advantages Of Using Portable Line Boring Tools

TDG series portable boring machine tools for repairing and machining on-site construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, crushers, forklifts, etc. for the mining industry.Getting the TDG series boring bar in place is a 2 man job, and the rest of the work can easily be done by 1 man. If the powerhead was lighter, the whole thing would be a one man job. The ability to do the work on site is a big advantage for this type work for sure, since many of the larger buckets would otherwise have to be transported to the equipment on a lowboy.

TDG60 Portable Line Boring Field Repair Tools-JOYSUNG

TDG60-portable line borer on site repair tools


JOYSUNG&DTH-TDG60 Portable Portable Line Bore Repair Machine Mobile Field Services Tools

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