Heat Exchanger Flange Face Machine Smooth Finish Reface On Site Service

                   Heat Exchanger Flange Face Machine Smooth Finish Face Reface On Site Service

Heat Exchanger Flange Face Machine Smooth Finish Face Reface On Site Service

DTHMACHINES fully notes that taking your field equipment to the machine shop is not always feasible.This is why we offer a broad range of On-Site Machining solutions with portable flange facer tools.

On-site Machining is a service performed when the plant is offline. Portable machines will carry out machine shop operations without the need to remove the plant item. Our expert technicians are well trained in a variety of On-Site Machining disciplines to meet your plant needs.

DTHMACHINES portable flange face tools gets comprehensive range of portable equipment allows them to consistently achieve tolerances and finishes that were once thought to be only achievable at an engineering or machine shop. Whatever the work environment or situation, we can offer up a machining solution to meet your required application.

Our proven know-how and equipment is highly customized to meet the unique and complex requirements of bolted gasket assemblies such as raised face and ring-type joint flanges, as well as heat exchanger and manway flanges up to 144″.

Resource planning and careful operation management ensures the flexibility to mobilize personnel and equipment to meet our customers constantly changing requirements while still providing the highest quality of work and client satisfaction.

Many major plant outages require machining services with a substantial proportion of pipecutting, weld prepping and heat exchanger face re-facing.

DTHMACHINES has experienced technicians who can work effectively in and around the confines of boilers and heat exchangers. Special purpose machines are available to suit the wide range of pipe diameters, wall thickness and restricted access areas. The ability to simultaneously cut and weld prep is advantageous to many applications and is something we can execute with complete Certainty of Outcome