High Precision CNC Milling Machine For Repairing Threaded Column

JOYSUNG TCM508 portable CNC thread milling machine is a highly portable four-axis CNC milling machine, which can accurately remove broken or broken studs and accurately renovate damaged threads. The complete CNC operation can achieve accurate and repeatable machining, while the motion control command center can provide the best performance monitoring and technical personnel safety.

TCM508 fully by computer controlled; provides required results in a safe and controlled manner in a range of bolt extraction and threading applications. This includes work on recirculation pumps, turbine casings, heat exchangers, motor bases, and many other jobs

JOYSUNG's milling machine series will cover a variety of applications, including small surface, keyway milling, heat exchangers, hatch covers, pumps, turbine floor and foundation pads, compressor bases, motor mounting bases, rolling mill arches, ship loaders, mining machines , Threaded posts, etc. With the TCM508 portable 4D CNC thread milling machine, you can use laser leveling equipment to perform more accurate leveling operations on large diameter surfaces.  Laser leveling equipment can be used to complement all equipment of the JOYSUN field portable milling machine. When a laser level device is used as an existing reference or the orientation of the device matches the device, accuracy is critical.