High-speed N95 Mask Machine Is On Sale

JOYSUNG launched KN95 mask production line which is convenient for debugging, stable and efficient

The equipment uses ultrasonic welding technology to automatically produce 2-5 layer butterfly mask body (such as 3M company's 9001, 9002 series masks).

Automatically complete operations, manual feeding and automatic feeding, including the following processes: coil feeding, nose beam feeding, mask pattern welding, mask cutting, main body cutting

The equipment produces the main body of the butterfly mask through the cooperation of the feeding system, the fabric forming system and the nose beam forming and cutting system.

In order to meet the market demand, the mold can be simply replaced to suit the production of various butterfly mask bodies.

The equipment adopts dual-station ultrasonic welding technology with high efficiency, high cost performance and high stability.

Only one person is needed to operate a piece of equipment, reducing labor costs.

Manual feeding, automatic cutting, automatic welding, automatic cutting, safe and convenient operation.

Automatic welding of butterfly mask ear straps can quickly replace the positioning fixture to adapt to the production of various types of butterfly masks.

 The equipment adopts 6-station automatic rotating platform, ultrasonic automatic welding technology, and masks are automatically edge-sealed.

 The main process is manual feeding, ultrasonic welding and edge sealing, and automatic cutting.

 The welding process is completed automatically, the operation is convenient, and the yield is high.

 The positioning jig can be quickly replaced to suit the production of various types of butterfly masks.