How Big Is The Demand For Mask Machines?

For enterprises that convert mask machines, machine debugging workers are now the key to restricting the capacity of mask machines. After the mask machine is assembled, it must be debugged by a skilled worker to ensure normal production. And the core performance of the mask machine production rate, yield rate, etc., must also be achieved through the daily commissioning and maintenance of the mask manufacturer.

In Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, Tony and his colleagues who are debugging mask machines are "fighting" with more than 40 mask machines. They all hope to be able to complete the commissioning of these mask machines as soon as possible, so that they can be sent to the production line of masks to add a protective mask for the people.

Tony told the Economic Observer that, due to the entry of most laymen, the technical staff of the mask production plant has no foundation, and foreign aid debuggers are needed in large numbers. And Tony's automated non-standard equipment company has a large number of engineers who understand the technology, can read the drawings, and have experience, so their company naturally became the "first vanguard of the fight against the epidemic.

Tony said that the key to the adjustment of the mask machine includes shaping, folding, nose line, ultrasonic adjustment strength, cutting position and so on.

The mask machine has not been debugged before, but Zhong Qiang, who is engaged in the equipment industry, also joined this team. He told reporters that in fact the mask machine debugger is not an industry, focusing on hands-on ability, partial assembly fitter work, with machine equipment operation foundation, willing to study, and someone to bring the belt, you can start.

"We are fighting as a team, 8 people go together. Go to a factory, the first one needs to explore, the speed is slower, tune one in 2-3 days, then you can debug 2-3 in one day. The ability is stronger, the market does not give everyone time to prepare. "Zhong Qiang said, each machine is different, but roughly the same, they know how to work around to complete the task smoothly.