How Do You Do With Flange Face Damage?

As we all know,over time and any number of factors, piping systems in petrochemical refineries and oil&gas industries will leak . To avoiding corrosion, settlements of rust, dust and biological can boost the performance of  flange faces. It’s natural that pipeline will need repairs at stages throughout it’s  life.

It’s vital however to maintain the tool’s integrity by avoiding damage.

Sometime the workpiece is not removable or costly by logistics, transport and reinstallation. Considing costs and additional shutdown period associated for flange faces , we provide on site flange facer tools with high quality to help our customers do their work faster,better and more safer, it ‘s able to realize tremendous savings by eliminating costs and additional downtime too.


Not only do the flange facer surface finished, also we test the flatness strictly too, for example:FDG2000 flange facer, the flatness tolerance to 0.04mm /m.

We care the surface roughness as much as flatness too, like manual flange facer-MFM350, it’s totally controlled by manual, fast and easy to operate, no matter you are an engineering rookie or seasoned field machininist.


Over 15 years , JOYSUNG has been doing on site service and Domestic and International selling, meanwhile we have set many agents in South American, Australian, Russian,Saudi Arabia , South African, ect. It covers crude oil, natural gas water, large pipes in the petrochemical industry…JOYSUNG is on the path to global growth, welcome to contact us for standard and customized machines.