How Much Does It Cost To Debug A Mask Machine?

Along with the skyrocketing demand, there is also the value of the mask commissioning technician "take off".


Yesterday, another customer asked me to find a debugging teacher. The price can be paid to 30,000 yuan a day. The time to come back is also included, but the request must be adjusted.

In just two months, Zhong Qiang also brought out 10 apprentices. When we debug, we usually work in groups of two, and one can be adjusted in one day. Now there are old people and new people, and the shortage of staff is not as obvious as before. In the previous order we received, the highest commissioning fee can be opened to 50,000 units, and now it is about 30,000 to commission one unit and drag the whole line for two.

The debuggers of other automation equipment who have not been in contact with the mask machine need to explore to understand the principle and structure of the entire design for at least a week. In Zhong Qiang's view, this is unacceptable in the market.

But in the face of benefits, many other automatic equipment debuggers have also made themselves experts in mask machine debugging through various methods. Zhong Chengqiang's method of fighting in a group is one of them. According to its introduction, their team charged commissioning fees according to the number of sets, each set at 35,000-50,000 yuan.