How To Find A Balance Between Price And Performance To Choose Suitable Field Portable Machine?

With the continuous improvement of the degree of industrialization, more and more enterprises focus on how to maximize the operation time of machine, impro ve the maintenance efficiency, and ensure the maintenance accuracy. On-site portable machine is getting more and more attention.

There are different prices, different performance of machine in the market, the price is also from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands, with international famous brands, also domestic famous brands. At the same time, also have self-employed or small workshop. How to choose? This question should trouble most people in need:

Choose the high price, which everyone knows. To borrow an old saying in the market: if you do not understand, choosing the high price is absolutely right. But if you doing so, will bring more pressure production cost to the enterprise.

Most of people the first consideration is choose low price. However, there is an old saying in China: You get what you pay for. The least amount of money can only buy the inferior products, this approach reduce the cost of production directly, but it’s to bring a new risk: Did I bought this machine, it's suitable for me? How long will it used?

JOYSUNG machines CO.,LTD is a company with more then 10years of experience. Our sales has been asked different questions, moreover answer to customer perfectly. Some company want to import brand, doesn't approve of the domestic product quality, in their view, foreign product price is high has quality guarantee.On the contrary, there are some company, them will think why is so expensive after get the price? But in manufacturer view, expensive or cheap, need to compare with who?Without obvious comparison, this judgement will not accept by people.

Actually, every enterprise has different situation, capital,purchase need, base on themselves. For example, some enterprise want to take a test, turn to a new industry, but don’t want investment too much, therefore them want to search a low price product to explore stranger industry. If some enterprise are in a stable situation, sensitive for capital, them can choose a maturely domestic brand, low risk, after sales and service have guarantee. If enterprise has enough capital, the product function always in the first important stay, will choose international famous brand. International brand with more then years experience, they has sales product in the market so many years, product function has been testify.

Every choose always born a new contradiction:

* Low price, quality will not have guarantee. Product’s quality is directly proportional to machining accuracy. Without machining accuracy, product always be reject.

* A maturely domestic brand, enterprise purchase department will take a lot of time and energy to choose. After all, portable on-site machining tool is a stranger industry for many people.

* Choose international famous brand, international product want machining accuracy, domestic brand product want efficiency, they are different goal. Besides of a few industry has high machining accuracy require, most of equipment in industry need is enough.

JOYSUNG machines was found from 2005, the quality always in the first station. Recent years, we have build a consummately system about product quality supervision. So far, we have abroad to US, UK, Italy, Russia, Singapore, over 60 countries and places.We produce Portable Line Boring Machine, Portable Flange Facer, Portable Line Milling Machine, Portable Gantry Milling Machine and CNC Thread Milling Machine, etc. For meed industry need, we have add so many stock.

1. Portable Line Boring Machine: Under 700mm machining diameter, its normal type, every type we have 20 set at least.

2. Portable Flange Facer: Under 3000mm machining diameter, its normal type, every type we have 5 set at least.

3. Portable Line Milling Machine: Machining stork under 5000mm, we have in stock.

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