Installation Method Of FDG610 Portable Flange Processing Machine

Portable flange processing machine can be divided into two clamping modes: internal and external clamping. External clamping flange processing machine is generally for small flange processing. Internal clamping flange machine can make large flange.

FDG 610 Portable Flange facing Machine Detailed Operating Video

  1. First of all, the inner diameter of flange should be confirmed, the diameter of inner hole should be measured with ruler, and the suitable base and supporting leg should be selected.

fdg610-flangfacer (1)fdg610-flangfacer (2)

2. Firstly, the support base of the portable flange processing machine is installed in the inner hole of the flange, and the support leg is fixed with a wrench.

fdg610-flangfacer (4)fdg610-flangfacer (3)

3. Fix the main engine on the support seat and screw the main engine.

fdg610-flangfacer (6)fdg610-flangfacer (5)

4. The parallelism and center position of flange processing machine and workpiece are adjusted by magnetic percentile meter.

fdg610-flangfacer (7)fdg610-flangfacer (8)

5. After adjusting the center and flatness of the portable flange machine, extend the tool arm to the appropriate position of the flange plane. There are four locking bolts on the back of the cutter arm, and four locking bolts are loosened to move the cutter arm.

fdg610-flangfacer (9)fdg610-flangfacer (10)

6. Each portable flange processing machine feeding box will be equipped with automatic feeding from outside to inside and from inside to outside, adjustable gear can be machined plane, step surface, RTJ sealing tank, water line sealing surface, gasifier manhole sealing surface, hydrogenation reactor, pressure vessel sealing surface and other different forms of flanges.

fdg610-flangfacer (11)fdg610-flangfacer (12)

7. The portable flange end-face processing machine can carry out trial-processing plane after being fully adjusted. The processing plane and sealing surface need to be equipped with counterweight iron, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the machine. The top wire of the tool holder needs to tighten the tool in the process of machining. Finally, the finishing process is carried out with a cutting depth of 0.2 mm. RTJ sealing groove needs to be processed by automatic vertical feeding.

fdg610-flangfacer (13)fdg610-flangfacer (14)

fdg610-flangfacer (15)fdg610-flangfacer (16)