Introduction To The Classification Of The Resistance Spot Welding Machines And Principle

Spot machine according to uses points, has universal type (General type), and dedicated type; according to while welding of welding points number points, has single points type, and double points type, and more points type; according to conductive way points, has single side of, and double side of; according to pressure institutions of drive way points, has foot type, and motor-cam type, and pressure type, and hydraulic type, and composite type (gas hydraulic becoming); according to running of characteristics points, has non-automation, and automation; according to installation of method points, has fixed type, mobile type or light type (hanging type) ; According to welding machine of activities electrode (General is Shang electrode) of mobile direction points, has vertical trip (electrode for line movement), and ARC trip; according to power of supply way points, has workers frequency welding machine (used 50 Hertz Exchange power), and pulse welding machine (DC pulse welding machine, and storage can welding machine,), and frequency welding machine (as low frequency welding machine).