Inverter Welding Machines Or Alternative To Welding And Cutting Equipment Into The Mainstream Market

At present, the traditional quality of welding and cutting equipment, due to the large size and weight, less negative factors have gradually stepped down from the mainstream of welding and cutting equipment, sales stage. In recent years, inverter welding and cutting equipment and technology to perfection and maturity, diversified varieties of different specifications of products, coupled with the output of the inverter welding and cutting equipment with approximately 20% per cent a year, the growth rate substantially higher than traditional welding and cutting equipment, replace the traditional trend of welding and cutting equipment.

China equipment manufacturing base of Shijiazhuang, Hebei hanshida electric and electronic technology limited is a sale all types of welding machines and accessories manufacturers. Inverter welding and cutting equipment, have been widely popular, traditional welding and cutting equipment is slowly being replaced. Because of its small size, light weight, carry it easy, energy-efficient, process performance and convenient maintenance, more and more consumers of all ages.